On July 8-9,

jesse carey went
trapped in the cage


To celebrate the 500th episode of the RELEVANT Podcast, Jesse Carey endured yet another psychological endurance challenge to raise money for charity. Last year, he listened to Nickelback non-stop for 7 days straight and raised $35,000 to build wells through charity: water.

This year, after the live broadcast of the RELEVANT Podcast's 500th episode on July 8, Jesse went TRAPPED IN THE CAGE and watched 24 straight hours of Nicolas Cage movies with a goal of raising $24,000 for charity: water.

In those 24 hours, people gave $27,740!


There were a few twists to Jesse's challenge: RELEVANT Podcast listeners voted on what movies Jesse has to watch. Scroll down for the results. The entire challenge was live-streamed so people could check in on Jesse's progress.

Also, a few podcast listeners were actually able to join us at the RELEVANT Podcast studio in Orlando for our 500th episode recording and then stay to join Jesse for part of the challenge. 

Oh, and if you've been listening to the show over the last 11 years but don't know what the cast looks like, here they are: