the marathon

Nicolas Cage has been in a LOT of movies, and RELEVANT Podcast listeners voted on which Jesse had to watch for 24 straight hours from 4 pm EST July 8 til 4 pm July 9. He did the 24-hour challenge to try to raise $24,000 to build wells through charity: water. And ended up raising $27,740 that day!

Jesse watched the movies in chronological order. The whole marathon was live-streamed via the LaBeouf Cam, and the time stamps were available so people could check in on how he's doing.
All times Eastern.

04:00PM    raising arizona

05:36pm    fire birds

07:03PM    con air

09:00PM    FACE/off

11:20PM    city of angels

01:16AM    national treasure

03:29AM    ghost rider

05:25AM    national treasure 2

07:31am    Knowing

09:34am    Season of the Witch

11:09AM    Stolen

12:46pm    Left Behind

02:38pm    Pay the Ghost